dimanche 2 juin 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos - A Duel With Dartz

Finally I finished making this awesome MOD. And I hope you like it.

This MOD has 1109 card in total. I added Dartz and 78 new cards with Orichalcos cards.
- The Seal of Orichalcos
- Divine Serpent
- Orichalcos Deuteros
- Orichalcos Tritos
- Orichalcos Kyutora
- Orichalcos Malevolence
- Orichalcos Gigas
- Mirror Knight Calling
- The Devil Pitbull (this card created by PitbullThe Demon)
- ... And other cards


Kazuki Takahashi - For creating Yu-Gi-Oh!
KONAMI - For developing and publishing Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos games
Hatems - For adding new cards without KC workstation

20 commentaires:

  1. could you please upload it in another server? I can't download it

  2. great mod can you add this cards?

    Amulet Dragon
    Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
    Tyrant Burst Dragon
    Doom Virus Dragon
    Mirror Force Dragon
    Dark Paladin
    Dark Flare Knight

  3. add this card dark sanctuary

  4. MOOD Acidiona o Sorcerer of Dark magic ATK/3200 DEF/2800 please?

  5. Hey there, i really love this mod, and i want to see 2 cards in your mod :).
    These 2 cards are :
    Dragon Master Knight (fusion of Black Luster Soldier and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon)
    Five Headed Dragon (fusion of 5 dragon type)

    I would really love to see these 2 card in your mode.
    And maybe can u add for Cyber Twin Dragon, can you give them the Twice Attack effect ? or for Cyber End Dragon, and Cyber Twin dragon, make for Fusion Material Cyber Dragon, instead of photon cyber dragon and cyber dragon zwei :).

    I would really love to see these changes in your mod :).
    And great job. I really like this mod . I can't even tell how much i like it.

  6. Thor, Odin and Loki and Nordic Beasts, so they can be summoned :).

  7. coloca a carta santidade e coloca dragao luminoso de olhos azuis

  8. Lo siento, no soy bueno en español, pero me preguntaba si usted desea añadir en la tarjeta de llamada Exodius el último Forbidden One. Creo que sería una tarjeta impresionante!

  9. please if you can upload it to another site such as mediafire.com , because i cannot download from 4shared for specific reasons, thx!

  10. we will be partnering with my mods and their

  11. If you are using torrent..find it on Kat.ph / kickass.to & pls seed it..all credits goes to hatems for this great MOD!! cheers & thnx dude!

  12. WTF ,dude that mod has virus and I think all your other mods have the same virus Trojin don't download Dartz mod guys for your PC safe

  13. The Seal of orichalcos special effect's we get only 500 points

    Mod & Make it 1000 or 2000 points that is each times the opponent end his turn it will automatically increase our life points by 1000 or 2000 points and it will be more fun of playing the game ^_^

  14. vc poderia colocar essa carta Fiend’s Sanctuary

  15. could you please give me a link where I can download a duel with dartz normal.exe
    because the normal.exe which I extracted from the download file is corrupted

  16. why there isn't ''here are some decks'' folder???

  17. I would like that you'll add the Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, Amulet Dragon and Dragon Master Knight pleease